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Company Retirement Plans

Living Stone Wealth Management offers company retirement plan consultations for business owners with and without an existing company plan. If you are a business owner or executive and are interested in attracting and maintaining good, qualified employees, offering an attractive company retirement plan is important.  

Develop a New Plan 

If you don’t already have a plan in place, we can help you determine which type of plan is best for your company and will spend time educating you about plan design, investments and fee structure so that you are confident in the choices you make.

Enhance an Existing Plan      

If you already have a plan in place, we will gather a few pieces of information from you and provide a comparison of different plan providers so that you can be sure your plan meets all of your needs at a competitive price. Transitioning existing accounts is designed to be as seamless as possible. Living Stone has a transition team that will handle everything from start to finish and meet with your executive team during transition.   

Why Choose Living Stone Wealth Management?
We handle everything from start to finish. Living Stone Wealth Management hosts educational lunch and learn sessions for companies to offer their associates, meets with executive teams throughout the process, provides an annual investment review and is available to meet with every single employee on an annual basis.

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